Secret Friend
solo show, Hordaland Art Center
November 2015 - January 2016
Interview (in Norwegian)

In primary school my classmates and I were urged to stalk each other as part of a game called “Secret Friend”. We each drew a note with the name of one of our fellows and were encouraged to be particularly kind to this person throughout a designated period. To conclude the game we collectively guessed who had been our secret friends.

Sixteen years later I find myself in a similar situation, this time outside the school’s pedagogic frame: I want to befriend an American blogger I have been following for several years. I visit the blogger’s regular spots and follow her around in New York, but how are we going to get in touch?

The exhibition “Secret Friend” is about calculated intimacy and imagined community. Through video, photo and installation I investigate what happens when a secret friend does not want to be secret anymore. Where does a friendship begin and end when close relationships are no longer conditioned by physical presence? Friendship is a liquid magnitude today, so why differ between voyeur, follower, admirer, fan, and friend?

photo: Bjørn Mortensen